Veterinary rules

It is always a good idea to acquaint yourself with the specific rules and guidelines that apply to Danish dog shows before entering.

Veterinary rules

The dog must be vaccinated against distemper and parvo. For dogs up to 24 months, the vaccination has to be less than one year old. For older dogs the vaccination must not be more than four years. First time vaccinations must be done at least fourteen days before the show date. A positive titer value, showing protection of the dog against distemper and parvovirus will be equal to the vaccination.

Foreign dogs must also be vaccinated against rabies according to Danish legislation.

Documentation for vaccination must be brought to the show. Puppies under the age of 3 months must not be brought to the show.

The dogs that are shown must be in good mental and physical health condition and not show any signs of illness. Moreover, we refer to the provisions of the show regulations of the DKK. If a dog has caught a defect, which can be certified by a veterinary certificate, the veterinary certificate must be brought to the show. Please use the DKK veterinary certificate. The exhibitor pays for any treatment undertaken by the show veterinarian. The exhibitor must, however, have approved the treatment in advance